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No Aspartame | No Saccharin
No Sucralose | No Artificial Sweetner
No Side Effects | No Aftertaste
Sugar herb
Useful to people with
» Diabetes
» Tooth & Gum Diseases
» Hypertension
» Skin Problems
» Obesity
» Hair Problems
Sugarherb is a 100% natural, Stevia-based, herbal Sweetener for one's daily dietary supplement. Apart from its dietary use, Sugarherb is also widely applicable in the baking, food processing, beverages and pharmaceutical industries.
Sugarherb - Naturally Sweet
Sugarherb is extracted from the herb, Stevia Rebaudiana - an indigenous plant belonging to the Chrysanthemum family -that offers an ideal alternative to sugar & other sugar substitutes. The leaves of the Stevia shrub are the source of the Glycoside Stevioside, which produces a sweet taste. Stevia-based sweeteners have a history of safe use in a wide variety of beverages & food in India, Japan, Korea, China and many South American countries.
Cost effective solution for all your sweetening needs
» Table top sweetener - for tea, coffee, etc.
» Soft drinks, fruit juices, ice creams yogurt.
» Cakes, biscuits, pastries, pies and other baking uses.
» Jams, sauces, pickles, jellies, desserts.
» Chewing gum, candies, confectioneries.
» Tooth paste, mouthwashes - plaque retardant/cavities prevention
» Alcoholic beverage enhancer (aging agent and catalyst)
» Sea-foods, vegetables
» Skin creams
» Tobacco additive and flavourant
Available In:
» 25 & 50 Sachets pack
» 100 Nos. pallet dispenser
» Also available in 100gm, 500gm & 1kg jar & bulk.
(In Indian Rupee)
Sugarherb 25 Sachets 175 Box Sachets
Sugarherb 100 Tablets 200 Container Tablets
Sugarherb 100 Grams 320 Jar Powder
Sugarherb 50 Sachets 245 Box Sachets
Sugarherb 500 Grams 1300 Jar Powder
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