Freeze Dried Indian Jackfruit - The Wonder Fruit

India is a land of variety of tropical fruits. The fruits have the widest range of flavours possible ranging from sweet to tangy to sour. They are all very colourful to look at and feel very enticing. 

Jackfruit has been an essential part of the Indian kitchen since time immemorial. The fruit is bright yellow in colour with its outer layer being a bit spiky. It’s big in size and heavy in weight and at first sight, doesn’t look very appealing. Jackfruit has been growing in India since centuries and India is the largest producer of Jackfruit in the world. The fruit is a bit smelly but the taste is wonderfully sweet.

The fruit has multiple uses and benefits and can be consumed as a vegetable in its raw state and can be eaten as a fruit when ripened. Jackfruit can be used in jams and jellies as well and can be consumed by all age groups. Jackfruit grows in a lot of parts in India, the most prominent amongst them are South India and Northeast India. The fruit is so useful that even the seeds are eaten by roasting them or adding them in vegetable preparations.

AUMFRESH Freeze Dried Jackfruit

We, at AUMFRESH, bring in the best quality of jackfruit right from the farms to our factory. They are then carefully sorted, washed and cut into pieces.These pieces are then Freeze dried at our facility to increase it’s shelf life in the most natural way without adding any sort of additives or preservatives. These freeze dried jackfruit pieces are then packed into seal packed aluminium packs which are then packed into small cylinder sustainable carton boxes which can be reused. 
The entire production process at AUMFRESH is done by maintaining the highest quality and hygiene standards which in turn ensures the best product output.


Now you can enjoy AUMFRESH Freeze dried jackfruit just as a snack or can be put into boiling water for a couple of minutes to rehydrate and then use in jams jellies chutneys etc.


The major benefit of AUMFRESH Freeze Dried Jackfruit is that it has a high shelf life of 2 years.

Extremely handy and easy to carry.

You can eat it anywhere and people of all age groups can eat it. Enjoy it just as a snack.

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AUMFRESH Organic Mangoes

100% Natural Freeze Dried mangoes

Mango is the oldest fruit cultivated by man and its origins can be traced to ancient India. 62.5% of the world’s mango is produced in India. India produces almost 1000 varieties of Mango each year with a unique flavor and taste. The most famous varieties are Alphonso (Haapus) from Ratnagiri, Kesar from Junagadh region of Gujarat, Dasheri and Langda from North India, Badami, Lalbaug and Safeda from South India and Himsagar from West Bengal. Aumfresh Freeze Dried Mangoes are sourced from Ratnagiri, carefully selected to offer the best quality in terms of flavor, aroma, and color.


Aumfresh Mango is sweet, perfectly ripe and pure Alphonso mango processed through Freeze Drying Technology. This technology helps in retaining the structure, texture, flavour, aroma and nutritional goodness of Mango even in its dried form. Unlike frozen mangoes, it can be stored at room temperature with no need for thawing.  Aumfresh Freeze Dried Mango is 100% pure and natural, free from any additives, preservatives and chemicals. Packed with natural antioxidant Mangiferin, Aumfresh Freeze Dried Mango is great for boosting your immunity and also helps in digestion because of its high fiber content. With its crisp texture it can be consumed as a healthy snack; anytime, anywhere!

We offer this product throughout the year, so you can relish mangoes not just in summers but out of season too; in fact every day!

Aumfresh Freeze Dried Mango adds a fruity flavor to your dishes and can be used in various recipes like cakes, cookies, smoothies, flavored yogurts, salads, oatmeal bowls, ice-cream sundae, puddings or just as an instant no-fuss vegan snack.

“Mango is the pride of the garden, the choicest fruit of India. Other fruits are content to eat when ripe but the Mango is good in all stages of growth”

Fun fact: Gifting someone Mangoes is a symbol of good friendship.

Sweeten up your bonds with Aumfresh Freeze Dried Mango!

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Innovation in the food processing industry post COVID-19

It has been almost 6 months since the COVID 19 virus hit countries around the world including INDIA and disrupted lives and uprooted many a businesses and carnaged through a lot of industries making them incumbent.

Everyone the world over is still reeling from the effects and aftereffects of COVID 19 and it has been a mammoth task for food industries across the world to get back on their feet and get up and running.

FMCG Market

The FMCG market dynamics have changed drastically over the past few months with all the brands vying for the “immunity building food space” which was not so crowded not so long ago. All types of natural powders, tablets, supplements and energy bars have cropped up in the market with the sole purpose of “immunity building”/ There are both advantages as well as disadvantages associated with hit.


The advantage is that consumers now have a wide variety of brands and products to choose from, a lot of Indian people are focussing and trusting India’s most ancient form of medicine — AYURVEDA. There has been a huge demand of Ayurveda products and the Indian ministry of AYUSH has been spearheading and actively supporting companies by expediting their approvals for putting new Ayurvedic drugs, supplements and medicines in the market. The one major disadvantage would be that a large chunk of the population still needs to be educated about the uses and benefits of individual Ayurvedic herbs so that there in increased awareness in general which would help make the consumers an informed decision.


On a B2B scale, for food companies the focus for innovation should be on making ultra-hygienic products, ready-to-eat, convenience foods which can be carried everywhere.  Specifically, focus should be on a combination of energy giving and immunity building. The challenges could be on incorporating the taste factor and overall acceptability of the product because of that sole reason. Another important factor on which innovation needs to be focussed is on the packaging of the food products. Self-sanitising options, if developed, would be a great assed and would significantly enhance the uniqueness of the product.

Overall, be ready and prepared to view drastic changes in the processed food industry on a B2B and B2C level which would in turn, hopefully be a game changer for the big as well as small and mid-sized food processing firms all across the country.

Advantages of AUMFRESH Freeze dried Mango

Checkout these awesome advantages of enjoying AUMFRESH Freeze dried Mango all year round!


Why is AUMFRESH best

  • No frills company
  • In business since 12 years
  • Expert of Freeze drying
  • Fresh produce from its own organic farms


Fresh alphanso mango is freeze dried from AUMFRESH’ farms

No additives, preservatives, colour and flavour!

100 % pure ,natural, and organic

Enjoy now!

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Pizza Seasoning

100% pure and natural pizza seasoning

Aumfresh offers world class gourmet seasonings and herbs with the finest ingredients. All ingredients are processed with utmost care and attention and are crafted for individual needs.

Pizza seasoning is the perfect topping for any vegetarian or meat pizza.

The ingredients of pizza seasonings are 100 % vegetarian.

It comes in a easy to carry bottle and can be easily carried anywhere.

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