Bitter Neem Flakes / Bitter Neem Powder

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Botanical Name : Azadirachta indica

Our dried Bitter Neem Powder is processed with this unique Advanced Low Temperature Cold Drying Technology (LTCD) which incorporates stringent process of drying in a sterilized closed room at low temperature which ensures that the product retain their required color, aroma, rehydration, medicinal values and extended shelf life properties without any additives making it 100% Pure & Natural.

Also known as Margo, Nimbah, Prabhadrah, Nib these dried bitter Neem Leaves are as good as sun dried, but due to our advanced LTCD technology, they have a longer shelf life while still retaining all the nutrients. These leaves are useful in vitiated condition of Pitta, burning sensation, leprosy, skin diseases, leucoderma, opthalmopathy, intestinal worms, ulcers, tuberculosis, eczema and malarial and intermittent fevers.

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